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Zardozi Loyalty Card

#MyZardozi Loyalty Program

Zardozi invites you to come & join the exclusive loyalty program specially crafted for our amazing patrons.
#MyZardozi program allows you to choose between three sets of cards and enjoy shopping experience with amazing benefits as given below.
Become a #MyZardozi Card holder and join an exclusive club of members who equally share the love for shopping as you do.

Zardozi black card.

The exclusive Black Card offers 5% discount on shopping worth ₹5 Lakh.

Zardozi Platinum card.

This Platinum card offers you discount of 3% for shopping of worth ₹3 Lakh.

Zardozi Gold card.

The Gold card offers you discount of 1.5% for shopping worth ₹1Lakh.

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Terms and Conditions for #MyZardozi Loyalty Program

  • Program membership for the Zardozi Loyalty Program is purely voluntary and is open to applicants over 18 years of age only. Any unauthorized or attempted use by persons under the age of 18 will be null and void.
  • Member’s Membership Card number / Mobile number will serve as a unique identification number for the Zardozi Loyalty Program and shall be used to access the program and / or transact with the program to earn and redeem Zardozi Loyalty Points.
  • While making purchases at any of the outlets of Zardozi, the member should provide their mobile number to the cashier before the billing is done to ensure crediting loyalty points in the membership account. Similarly, members will have to intimate their option to redeem their loyalty points against purchase of products and services before the billing is done. In order to redeem, an OTP (one time password) will be sent to the member’s registered mobile number to successfully complete the redemption transaction. Member will require to retain the same mobile number given at the time of registration or shall remain solely responsible for updating any change in their mobile number beforehand to avoid non-execution of the redemption transaction.
  • Zardozi reserves the right to make changes to the number of loyalty points issued or the value of the loyalty points already issued or issued in future, any time during the validity of the Zardozi Loyalty Program.
  • #MyZardozi Loyalty Program is valid for a period of 12 months, unless cancelled by Zardozi. The issued loyalty points will have an expiry period of 12 months & the same will expire on the last date of the expired month. The validity of the points may change and will be governed by Zardozi.
  • #MyZardozi loyalty points cannot be purchased for cash and cannot be transferred, assigned or merged to / from another member / person in any case. Similarly, the membership also is not transferable. Similarly, loyalty points cannot be redeemed against cash. Loyalty Points once redeemed against a purchase can in no event be re-credited.
  • In event of any government taxies or levies, loyalty points will be computed basis gross purchase amount excluding taxes.
  • On registering for the #MyZardozi Loyalty Program, member gives Zardozi the right to communicate any special offers, updates and account activity details through email, SMS, phone calls, direct mail and other means of communication and over-rules existing do-not-disturb activation.
  • #MyZardozi Loyalty Program is not valid for the staff of Zardozi unless specially approved.
  • Zardozi reserves the right to change, cancel and modify the terms & conditions, reward structure relating to the #MyZardozi Loyalty Program including discontinuation of the program itself without giving prior notice whatsoever. Any important change will be communicated as per the discretion of Zardozi.
  •  Zardozi will have limited liability to the member, only to the extent of the value of loyalty points available in the credit of the member’s account.
  • Zardozi reserves the right to refuse to award loyalty points or redeem accumulated loyalty points, for any breach of these conditions or failure to pay for purchases.
  •  In the event of a dispute between member and Zardozi with regard to or in relation to any aspect of the #MyZardozi Loyalty Program, the decision on Zardozi shall be deemed final and binding.